The Concept

The cases come in pairs, black and/or white, one for you and one for your sweetheart. Putting the case on each phone and connecting the Lightning plug will prompt the installation of the app. Once you do that, you can start using the case.

The Case Design

It has been our primary goal to have a smooth integration of the case with the beautiful design of the iPhone and, also, with its features.

Case Side Button

Easy Access

Press the heart-shaped button on the side of the case and hold it for three seconds.
Case App

The App

The app opens and all you have to do is to configure and to start sending love signals.
Love Speeder Case Back

Signs of Love

The heart shape on the back of your sweetheart's case will flash five times with red light.
The User Experience

We know that there is an infinite number of ways things could go wrong for the user. That’s why we had to think over tones of ideas and give up features which, though sounded nice at first, would have only led to poor usability.

Love Speeeder UX Love Speeder UX Love Speeder UX
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The Process

The UX and Strategy process means more than making a Wireframe, a Sitemap or an Interaction Flow. Those are merely the results of a complex work, involving many steps of research, analysis, testing and evaluation.

The Result

The product should not be what we would like it to be, but what it is best for the users and for the brand we help building and that is exactly what User Experiece gives us - the right solution.
The App Design

Deciding for a modernist art direction was hard, considering the red and pink glossy hearts users are used to all over the world. Since our target users asked a different solution we chose to go for something more stylish.

Love Speeder Settings Disconnected
Love Speeder Take Photo
Love Speeder Modal
Love Speeder Settings Connected
Love Speeder Send Love
The Launching Site

The launching site follows the art direction of the product. Its main purpose is to convince the user to install the free iPhone app, which would eventually work as a trigger for buying the case. It also offers support to clients.

Love Speeder Launching Site

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